Experiences with procedures to treat vertical smoker's lines above mouth? Also, minor to moderate jowling? TY

  • janklein
  • 1 year ago

I am 63 and would really like to have these addressed.  Money is tight.  I am so confused by all that I have read ... several doctors rave about laser resurfacing of the mouth area, but many patients have shared horror stories about their laser experiences.  One guy will recommend fillers, the next ten will say fillers are a temporary stopgap and a waste of time .  Other options put forth for that problem are dermabrasion, etc. I would really appreciate hearing your experiences and about cost and recovery, and thank you for your time. I had an S lift about 10 years ago after I lost a significant amt. of weight, and developed jowls and sagging skin.  Worked wonderfully, was delighted with my firm, youthful chin line.  Now, jowls are emerging again (not because of weight - I am just getting freaking old!)  Can anyone suggest treatment options and share experiences.  So many contradictory doctor opinions on this one, as well.-- do SmartLipo, NEVER do SmartLipo; Laser Resurfacing is excellent answer, don't go NEAR laser for this condition, etc. etc. etc.  FINALLY, if anyone has used an excellent cosmetic surgeon for this stuff in the Long Island-New York City area, please recommend.  Thanks, all.