Experiences with Muscle-sparing free TRAM flap?

  • AndieNewBoobs
  • Portland, OR
  • 1 year ago

On March 22, I will have bilateral mast. with muscle-sparing free TRAM flap.  Has anyone else had experience with this procedure?  I am 63 and in pretty good shape, though about 30 lbs. over.  (Actually, I'm not overweight; I'm undertall!  Ha!)  Most of the posts I've been reading concern implants or DIEPs.  I'd love to hear from msfTRAM women.   Thanks.

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I can tell you her scarring goes from one hip to the other. If you send your email I'm sure she would be more than happy to share her experience with you.
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Myself & my neighbor were both BRACA2 positive she opted to have TRAM flap done I opted to go the other route. ...it took her a bit longer to recover thsn I but if you send me your email I will have her contact you to tell you about her experience & what she went through. Thinking&praying for you Lisa
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I can see your point that many of the posts concern implants. Here is a link to the RealSelf Breast Reconstruction Community that "may" answer some of your questions. It will also show you how the community can provide some support and knowledge, although it may not be exactly what you are seeking. Keep us posted as we'd love to hear how things progress for you!


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