Any experiences with Exilis on the thighs? How many treatments before seeing results?

  • Chatham
  • Chatham
  • 3 years ago

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did you see your results immediately or did it take some time?
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we already saw improvements after the third treatment however it took approximately 1 -2 months after the treatment .. when we actually saw some real improvements.. obviously this was not without some daily exercise
hello Chatham, I personally didn't have any treatment although my girlfriend did while we were in Turkey. The way the treatment was done on my girlfriend is that the Dr. was extending the time of the session after he reached 39-40 C degrees... according to him it is effective if you keep the temp. of at 39-40 C level for 2-2,5 mins during the session. But it really depends on how fast the Dr. can reach that level of temperature some can reach it in 1-1,5 min for some it takes longer can't explain why. She was also treated with the lymphatic drainage system right after the exilis treatment which according to doctor stimulate the lyhpatic system and blood of the body which is I suppose essential for getting rid of unnecessary fatty acids and water.. again I am not a biologist but we were told it is helpful and most importantly we had very good results..
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Hello there, I have just come across this thread. I wonder what was the eventual turn out of the treatment for you? many thanks! Nodir
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Hello Nodir - I started treatments in March and was told at that time that it could take up to 120 days to really see results. I went for 4 treatments and really didn't notice too much difference. I think my legs might be a bit more toned, but nothing drastic. After 3 months went by I feel that they are a bit smaller - about 1/2 inch. I am now having the treatments done on my outer thighs hoping for more improvement. Have you had any treatments? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
i started my Exilis treatment yesterday March 11th i already posted my pictures on another review, i will let you know if it works in a couple of weeks!
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Thanks for the response - I also started my treatments - had the third one today. I think my legs seem to be a bit more toned, but I am still not seeing any reduction. My Dr. told me it would take at least 90 days to see any reduction at all. Were you told the same thing?
Hi Chatam
Well my doctor told me that i need 8 treatments so i think it will take me around 3 months to see any results, i purchased only 3 treatments because they had a special 3 treatments for 300 dollars, next week will be my 3rd treatments and so far i don't see any change, i will think about buying the other treatments and hope that next week i will see a little improvement. Good luck to you and hopefully will work.
Hi Beauty 39

I was glad to hear from you that it will take some time to see results. I'm really anxious to see if this works. You got a really good deal - 3 treatments for $100. I pay $350 each time I go. Next week I will have my 4th and last treatment. Then I'm told I have to wait 90-120 days to notice any change! Keep in touch!