Experienced TT'ers, my Surgery is 1-31-12 and I don't know what I need!

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Hello ladies! I'm trying to guess at the things I should purchase pre-op to make life easier for myself and my family post-op! Any helpful hints you all have will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi "finallygoingtodoit" ~ I had my TT and muscle repair on Oct 28th -- per my PS advice, I hired his OR nurse to stay with me the first night ~ also stayed in a hotel so we wouldn't have to be in the car for very long. I think this was a fabulous decision! She was able to give me pain injections during the night and leave the catheter in until morning so I didn't have to get up! I don't remember too much the first night. I didn't rent a hospital bed, but I slept in our guest room downstairs on a futon bed with a twin bunk above. I used the rungs of the twin to help pull myself up and to change position. This was an unexpected bonus!! I stayed in my nightgown for a week - didn't need any grannie panties as my doc pinned my drains to the compression garment I was wearing (and occasionally still wear!). Take your med's on time weather you feel ok or not! Get lots of rest and let everyone else help!!!

Remember, you're not alone! I would do this all over again in a heartbeat! I'm sooooo happy with my results - but I didn't find this site until the day before my surgery & I didn't realize how looooong the recovery is! I'm still recovering!!!

Best of luck!!! Cherie
Thanks for your response Cherie! My husband laughed when I said it, but I think I'm going to buy some of those long grandma style tshirt night gowns for around the house afterwards! No waistband to worry about that way!

Here is a link to some of the supplies you will need.  I am sure all of the ladies will help add to this list based on their experiences as well.  

Let's help her out ladies:)  Please add your supply lists.