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Has anyone experienced scar tissue after Miradry?

  • yblyashuk
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.  I had a Miradry procedure and it seemed to have gone very well, my swelling is gone and my sweating has reduced by 60-70%.  I do plan on getting the 2nd treatment.  However, about a week+ after the procedure, I started to notice that raising/extending my left arm would hurt like crazy, and it feels like a muscle through my entire armpit and into my inside biceps is being strained and stiff.  When touched, it feels like a stretched string.  It is still a problem today (3 weeks after the procedure).  Went back to my doc almost a week ago and he said it's scar tissue and gave me meds, but it's not getting better.  Has anyone had this problem after Miradry Treatment

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The miraDry treatment works based on destruction of sweat gland tissue. In any medical procedure that involves destruction of tissue, inflammation will occur first, followed by hardening in the area. The hardening eventually softens up over time; some people produce more of this tissue hardening than others. After treatment with miraDry these individuals may even develop temporary firm bands beneath the skin. This is normal and the hardening eventually goes away, spontaneously without treatment. As one of the earliest users of this technology, I have seen this many times and it has always resolved. Dr William P. Coleman III, M.D. Clinical Professor Of Dermatology. Adjunct Professor of Surgery (Plastic Surgery) Tulane University Health Sciences Center New Orleans Note I am a consultant to Miramar.
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Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate hearing from you, Dr. Coleman. I have noticed that the scarring has starting to get better, and your comment further calmed down my worry about what I am dealing with. Thank you and I will await for it to completely to go away. Regards, Eugene
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