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Has anyone experienced scar tissue after Miradry?

  • yblyashuk
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.  I had a Miradry procedure and it seemed to have gone very well, my swelling is gone and my sweating has reduced by 60-70%.  I do plan on getting the 2nd treatment.  However, about a week+ after the procedure, I started to notice that raising/extending my left arm would hurt like crazy, and it feels like a muscle through my entire armpit and into my inside biceps is being strained and stiff.  When touched, it feels like a stretched string.  It is still a problem today (3 weeks after the procedure).  Went back to my doc almost a week ago and he said it's scar tissue and gave me meds, but it's not getting better.  Has anyone had this problem after Miradry Treatment