Has anyone experienced repeated capsular contracture with implant replacement and position?

  • Teresa in CT
  • 2 years ago

  HELP! I have to decide very soon if I want my implants replaced or just removed. I developed Baker Grade IV capsular contracture within a year of getting silicone implants above my muscle. Years later my ps replaced them with saline and within a year or so I had Baker Grade IV again. It has been very painful...feels like jagged edged rocks digging into my chest. A different ps now suggests that I undergo revision surgery to remove my scar tissue and implants then replace with saline but this time below my muscle. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this experience. I'm petite and thin framed. Given my history, isn't it more likely than not for me to develop capsular contracture even with a submuscular placement? My PS suctioned out the saline a few days ago....now I have to decide if I want him to remove the capsules and scar tissue then replace or be free of implants for good.