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Has anyone experienced enlarged eyebrow muscles as a result of horribly botched botox job?

  • Austin203
  • Austin, TX
  • 1 year ago

These are my eyebrows 1 year following the originally botched botox job!!! I'm so scared that I might need surgery to correct them. My eyebrows used to sit perfectly Flat and even on a smooth forehead outside of a few fine lines which I deeply regret treating. They also look 'swollen' when I am resting my face naturally. I went in 2 months ago, - 9 months after the original treatment to complain and my dermatologist said my eye muscles had developed incorrectly as a result of the botox and he injected More botox, beneath both brows, in an effort to 'calm them down' he stated, - I think he actually just performed the exact same treatment that started this nightmare for me a year ago. They seem worse and I want to Sue! Please visit my review for the full story. I'd love any support and/or feedback from the community. So scared and depressed. I just turned 40, this is very abnormal for me. My forehead looks deformed. I'm so scared it could be permanent damage??? Thank you!