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Has anyone experienced enlarged eyebrow muscles as a result of horribly botched botox job?

  • Austin203
  • Austin, TX
  • 11 months ago

These are my eyebrows 1 year following the originally botched botox job!!! I'm so scared that I might need surgery to correct them. My eyebrows used to sit perfectly Flat and even on a smooth forehead outside of a few fine lines which I deeply regret treating. They also look 'swollen' when I am resting my face naturally. I went in 2 months ago, - 9 months after the original treatment to complain and my dermatologist said my eye muscles had developed incorrectly as a result of the botox and he injected More botox, beneath both brows, in an effort to 'calm them down' he stated, - I think he actually just performed the exact same treatment that started this nightmare for me a year ago. They seem worse and I want to Sue! Please visit my review for the full story. I'd love any support and/or feedback from the community. So scared and depressed. I just turned 40, this is very abnormal for me. My forehead looks deformed. I'm so scared it could be permanent damage??? Thank you!

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i have heard that the muscles can develop scar tissue between the fibers as a result of trauma... look up massage, facial yoga and facial resistance exercises... i feel they have really allowed the fibers to break up, it seemed they used to be in permanent knots....i could feel them under the skin and they stood out just like yours do, but they were in different muscles... they have started to break up with massage. some of them are completely gone now. your still beautiful my best advice is focus on your good features and try to forget this while it heals, it will take a long time to heal no matter what you do. focus on the parts of you that are still beautiful as much as you can. and gently try to massage the muscle fibers so they break up and move more normally again. you could still improve a lot it hasnt been that long.
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Thank you so much for the reply and support! That is my eyes when I smile as big as I can so it does not look so bad with my face resting normally but Still visibly swollen. It does look like it's Botox, - showing? under my skin literally around the areas it was injected, I'm thinking it's scar tissue from trauma or inability to use like you're saying hopefully and Not permanently enlarged muscles like the dermatologist who is clearly completely Unqualified said it was. I will see the ocularplastic surgeon next week to see what he says, he is very much an advocate of botox, he might be surprised to see what it has done to my face!
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Here is a great forum about facial exercises, I found the info really interesting personally:

Hope that helps a little!

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