Did you experience pain or other side effects from Zoom! tooth whitening?

  • Alexx
  • 4 years ago

my dentist offers a teeth whitening, pretty sure it was zoom or zoom 2. she says it has no side effects. Does anyone know what to expect from zoom or other in chair bleaching gels?

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I don't think that it has side effects, but depends a lot.
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I had the trays in for maybe 10 minutes and I felt a sting. I waited a minute before checking and then looked in the mirror and my gum is completely white next to my front teeth. Can someone please tell me if the gum will go back to its original color...I look like I have a piece of bread stuck in between my front teeth. Thanks! Sabrina
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I think the good Dr. Ms. Oshansky needs to see some cases that did not turn out well. My upper lip was burned and took nearly a week to heal. One of my front teeth was thin at the bottom edge and this process "cooked" that tooth. Small pieces continue to chip off from that edge. I never had this issue until ZOOM was done.
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Could you please tell me how your teeth are now as i had my zoom done 72 hours ago and my teeth look thinner and i look like i have fine cracks going through the teeth which i had never noticed before can you also tell me what you did about this problem, Thanks Narelle
I had my Zoom! Treatment about 3 months ago now, and I JUST became able to use my Sonicare again! Zoom is a horrible product and my gums are ruined forever, unless I get a gum graft, which just sucks. I have not used the home Zoom bleach because my gums are healed now, but still a bit sensetive...yes, after almost 3 months..maybe longer. I can't remember when I had this treatment done, but it's been a long time and I look like I did before the treatment, and feel worse.
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I had Zoom 6 days ago and the burn sores in my gums (resembling canker sores but more painful) have not improved at all. My gums are torn up and I have no idea how to get rid of these burns that are not going away. Don't do the Zoom.
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