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Has Anyone Had Experience with Ultherapy?

  • testingthewaters
  • Australia
  • 3 years ago

I'm interested in having Ultherapy but there does not seem to be much information around regarding this procedure? Has anyone had any experience? Thanks.

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Had this done full face in July and it was extremely painful... The most pain i have ever experienced and i am no woos. No meds were given. Had the same swelling marks on several places on my face and neck which lasted for a good month. After this happened and as I had been assured this procedure was not more than a pinching sensation With no down time I reviewed posts from all over the world to find many same complaints and far worse including what looked like severe burning with possible hyper pigmentation from the injury. With lots of Doctors posting statements must be photo facial damage and so forth..Perhaps they do protest too much. I consider this procedure a total waste . Sorry I did not see those reviews before the procedure.
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I had this done in Cary NC at Skin Bloom Spa three weeks ago and I am thrilled. I took 800 mg of Ibubrofin and a valium and it was painful but not unbearable. I am going on 50 and needed some skin tightning and it's working already! I can't understand the women or men getting the shots in the face as those would be more painful I would think. My favorite thing is that the area under my eyes is so much improved and it's only beginning the healing process. I can't wait to see the final results and I've already had comments that my skin looks fabulous. I stopped wearing foundation. SWEET
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Hi testingthewaters - we added your question to this new Ultherapy Forum so you have a better chance of hearing from those who've undergone the procedure.

In the meantime, have you should check out the Ultherapy stories posted here on RealSelf.

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