What did you experience recovering from Pearl Laser?

  • Melissa Turner
  • 6 years ago

I had the Pearl Laser on Monday, June 16th. I've read all I can find on the recovery period. I'm shocked by how little is written of actual patient experience. Everything is about the science and technology but not about how the Patient "lives" it. In fact, I've found only one patient diary and it offered more information than all the doctor-speak available. I realize that each case might be a little different, but what should one really expect on a day to day basis? I'm two days into my recovery and frankly worried I've made a big mistake. Note to all appropriate medical personal: Please use more numbing lotion. Dig into the hair and chin line. Before surgery, prepare your patients with the list of items they will need during their recovery. Shopping for these items after the fact was not fun. My doctor recommended Auqaphor ointment and and vinegar/water compresses. The ointment is torture and I'm experiencing small white-head like blisters on my chin and in the creases of my nose. The laser treatment smarts but it is the creaping feeling of the ointment which disturbs my sleep. I was given written instructions for post-laser but they are not comprehensive. At which point am I able to wash my skin? When can I abandon the thicker Aquaphor for the more desirable Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. How about Sunscreen? When should I start? I can call my doctor and get these answers but why aren't they on some web-site? It concerns me that this information is not readily available via the internet. Everything else is. I would be greatly appreciative of this information. I don't think I'm alone. Your patients will have these questions too. Thank you in advance! Sincerely, A Future Natural Beauty

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I got the pearl laser done a few hours ago ~ it definitely looks like a bad sundburna dn it burned for about 90 minutes but now I am painfree....the procedure is only about 20 minutes and it's really not that bad (if you can get a tattoo you can get the pearl). If fels like your face has a fever, oh I took two motrin when I got home.
I work for a Dermatology office and I am 2 1/2 days after my pearl treatment because our DermSpa was interested in purchasing this laser. I can tell you, I look like a recovering burn patient.I was told "You'll have a sunburn appearance" This is the worst looking "sunburn" I've ever seen! I'm writing this in the middle of the night because I am so uncomfortable I haven't slept in 2 days!I don't know what else I can possible do to alleviate my discomfort . The Auqaphor helped to releave the intense burning sensation I had right after the procedure, but it took 5 1/2 hrs to do so. It's no longer helping. Now I feel my pulse in my face,so along with every beat of my heat comes pricks of pins & needles. If this recovers in 1-2 days it will be a miracle. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! I am Very concerned.