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Any experience with botox not dissolving?

  • SusanVance
  • 3 years ago

My experience doesn't seem to be reflected anywhere, but I'm pretty sure it was caused by Botox. I had injections at center frown line and above eyebrows about 18 mos ago and from there on the entire area has been full of junk--I think the Botox never dissolved. My eyebrows and the space between them have been full of mucousy junk and my derm (not the one that injected--believe me I will never see her again) "can't explain it" (their office does do botox) and will not work on the area, other than to biopsy and culture, which of course came back normal. It looked sort of like cystic acne but not, swellings especially where there was hair. So I have been reduced to hacking at it myself, and I have pulled some nasty yutz out of there, thick clots, and it finally seems to be mostly gone--now blood runs normally almost everywhere and the area has calmed, but of course I am scarred up. It made lots of hair in the eyebrows become ingrown. Just disgusting. Has anyone ever heard of this happening, the botox not dissolving?