Does Anyone Have Experience of Having a BBL in America?

  • excitinganita
  • netherlands
  • 3 years ago

Hi.I'm Anita and i from the Netherlands.I was intrested if there are people from other parts of the world who let a bbl done in america. And how did they do it in terms of how long they stayded in america etc. And also if there are people who had the procedure done by dr Matlock.

I'm in contact with him to get some information. Í want the bbl done but i'm in the fase of getting information everywhere.

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Hi Anita. Welcome to RealSelf!

There's another RealSelfer, LondonChicka, who is flying from the UK to San Diego, California to have a BBL in Mexico (an 11 hour flight). Here's her blog.

These Doctor Q&A pages might also be helpful:

Good luck!