What to expect: the first 3 days post-op

  • 2 years ago

Our fabulous member and RealFriend Blond in Bluffton has put together recollections of her first three days after surgery. If you're wondering what's in store immediately post-op, read on.
Day 1
I arrived home -getting out of and walking from the car to my bed was horribly painful. I had 3 shots of Demerol before I left the surgery center and I would have thought I would feel no pain. Not the case. I was oozing from the lipo to my back, thighs and flanks and my abs were burning. My husband got me settled in bed and I said to him in a drug haze if I don't move at all there is no pain. He laughed and asked what the pain felt like. You know how the nurse said you will wake up feeling like you did a 1000 crunches? She neglected to tell me I would need a fire hose to put out the  feeling of burning  tight muscles.
Every time I moved in the slightest I felt like my stomach had a bunch of rubber bands running from my upper abs to my lower abs that were stretched to the max.   Weirdly I wasn't feeling much pain in my breasts or the lipo yet.
Once in bed I drifted off to sleep for a few mins then woke up and had to go to the bathroom.. I called my husband to help me up. OH WOW I was thankful  I had a toilet seat riser/portable toilet at the end of my bed. Getting up was the worst sharp burning pain I have ever felt - I was happy to only have a few steps to the toilet. I really felt my lipo when I had to sit to go to the bathroom. The back of my thighs felt like a cheese grader had gotten to them I moaned and cried a bit.I can only imagine what  I looked liked- a crazy drugged up oozing mess. I got back into bed my husband gave me some crackers and water to take my meds with so my stomach would not be upset. And off to dreamland I went.
Day 2
I slept for 20 hours the 2nd day- no joke! My husband had set times to give me my meds- even waking me up in the middle of the night- not that I knew what the time was I was so out of it. I still  didn't want to drink much I dreaded getting up to go to  the bathroom. But I did- obviously I had to go. Any time I had to get up my husband had to help me- really he did most of the heavy lifting. Every time I got up I groaned loudly and shed a few tears from the pain, i can only imagine what the neighbors thought? I did get up to walk around (to reduce the chance of blood clots) I must have been such sight all bent over like the hunch back of Norte dame! There was no way I was standing straight. After each time I got up I said to my husband why did I do this to myself?
My husband tried to get me to eat but I had no desire to. He made me fruit smoothies. Frozen fruit, protein shake mix, a little milk and a little oj- good nutrition with out having to eat a lot.  I   only drank  maybe half of them when he made them but it was better then nothing. I ate a few saltines(low sodium) and animal crackers but not much. I had no appetite really but had to eat/drink something.
For the rest of the day I drifted in and out of sleep with not a lot of concept of what was going on around me or time, which was probably a good thing. But I knew what was going on when I had to get up for any reason.... OUCH!
Day 3
Again my husband woke me up every 3 hours and every 6 hours for my meds. It's so important to stay on top of them. I can not imagine how much more pain I would of been in if he hadn't.  Again if I didn't move at all while I was laying down I didn't feel any pain.
My husband had my bed set up perfectly. The reason I am  not mentioning my bed until now is I didn't remember it the 1st 2 days- I was DRUGGED UP! He set it up with wedge pillow with @ 6 other  pillows. 2 on top of the wedge, 2 on either side of me, and 2 under my knees. Every time I got out of bed he changed my medical pads, fixed all my pillows and blankets.  Medical pads were a must for me- I was oozing a lot from my lipo. He left a small opening in my back open to let the fluid out. Lovely.
This was the 1st day I ate real food- not by my choice. My husband cooked me up some chicken over whole wheat pasta. It was so good as he is a way better cook then I am. But I didn't eat much. It was a little easier to get out of bed but not much. Each day everything got a tiny bit easier. We moved the portable toilet into the bathroom and used it as a toilet seat riser. That was a huge accomplishment. More for my husband then me- he didn't have empty it. Ha ha.
All in all my 1st few days were filled with pain, not wanting to eat a lot,  pain meds, sleeping, emotions that are all over the place, and  a total lack of the concept of time. I will say I remember the fact that I was in a ton of pain but now I don't really remember the pain itself. It's important to have someone to help you a lot as you won't be able to do much yourself. After everything it's so totally worth it! I would do it again in second.