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Can I actually expect to keep my surgery a secret from most people, including my small children?

  • themorales6
  • Hampton, VA
  • 3 years ago

I am planning my surgery for a date next month that coincides with my MIL taking my two oldest boys (13 & 10) out of the country for two weeks. Also, my mom and dad will be going out of the country two days later for two months. My husband knows about the surgery and is supportive (albeit a bit nervous), but he is going to be out of town on business the day of the surgery and for two days afterward. That leaves me with my younger boys (7 & 4). BUT, i have two excellent babysitters who have assured me they will step up to help with the boys as much as they're needed. And a friend of mine who had a TT and breast reduction two years ago has promised to take me to and from my surgery and stay at my house with me to take care of me for the first few days. (My babysitter will also take care of my friend's twin 8-year-old boys whenever needed if she is with me.) So..... i figure i can tell my littles that mommy had to have more surgery on her private parts (like i did in February for an ovarian cyst and rectocele/cystocele repair). And I figure anyone else would be told the same thing, but only if i HAD to say anything at all. Does this sound crazy??? Possible??