What can I expect for recovery after my rhinoplasty?

  • 4383anon
  • Atlanta
  • 3 years ago

I am seriously cosidering getting a nose job to remove the bump on top and reduce the tip. How long is the recovery? Does everyone have to wear a splint, if so how long? Any doctor recommendations for the Atlanta area?

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Recovery is generally about a week. I wore a splint, but I'm not sure if it's required by every doctor 100% of the time. The splint was no big deal, though. The packing was worse.

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did you went under open or closed rhinoplasty? I've heard the recovery time is more for open rhino. If yours was open, so you're saying that I will look normal and ready for an event in one week after open rhino??
Do you hapen to know any good doctors in DC area?
I'm going to choose a doctor in the next two weeks, and I'm totally lost, because I've hear so many awful things about bad results of rhinoplasty that I don't know which doctor I can trust.
plus, I have to be at my sister's wedding in March and want to abzolutely look normal by then, and not sure if the technique doctors suggested for me(open rhino)causes a longer healing time, more swelling, scar, or not.