Can I expect to lose shirt/dress size?

  • windymom
  • Missoula MT
  • 3 years ago

I'm a 34E, just got approved for reduction. My question is if my breasts are lifted with the reduction, won't they stick out as much as before in front and therefore I won't lose a size? I would really love to be more proportioned as I'm a 12/14 on top and 4/6 on bottom.

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Generally if your cup size goes down your shirt size will also go down a bit.  Much of this depends on how many grams they remove.  What you will notice is that everything fits smooth and much nicer. 

Fewer lumps, bumps and bounce is what I noticed at first.   You will have swelling to start out so you may not notice much the first couple of months.  Well other than the weight load off your back, neck and shoulders.