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Anyone exp strange, intra-pelvic pain after TT??

  • MommyofEight
  • 1 year ago

I'm hoping I'm not alone, and this is "normal". I keep having off n on pain. It feels like bladder pain, and I'll want to pee more to relieve it, but it doesn't help.  I took antibiotics for a bladder infection, which didn't help at all!  I've upper my stool softener, in case it's really my bowels. That's not helping either. The pain got really bad a couple days ago, the whole pelvic area, then went back to the usual, making me think ovulation was involved. But this bladder pain won't go away. Anybody else deal with this???  PO TT with mr 12/17

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:( I'm sorry. I can't say I had this. Maybe you might need to see a urologist?
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Thanks :) I don't think I want to spend the money on a urologist just yet though. I'm thinking this is surgery related, and possibly would see Ob gyn or primary dr. Praying it goes AWAY!
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Bladder pain is the WORST! Does your PS have any ideas? I hope some other ladies weigh in here for you. Does ibuprofen or Tylenol help relieve it?

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I can't find relieving / aggravating triggers! Although sometimes it seems worse or better with some activities. But then that'll change. :/ It's almost non-existent currently. Not quite gone, but mostly. I'm due in less than a week, so I'll be interested to see if things escalate again next month. I know having a large muscle split, means everything inside just kind of kicked back and spread out! So I'm hoping this is temporary as everything rearranges.
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