Any exercises to avoid muscle repair?

  • MaraCat
  • Bentonville, AR
  • 2 years ago

I've not had kids, nor bariatric surgery -- I'm 110 lbs lower than my high weight (5'1 and have maintained at 120-125 for nearly three months).  Took two and a half years, and while I know my skin issues probably aren't as bad as many bariatric patients because the weight loss was slower, they're still bad enough I want a TT!  I'd like to be able to have a tummy tuck without having to have muscle repair done -- makes it a less complicated surgery, less pain, and maybe if less time on the table less money.  As I haven't had significant insults to my muscles other than being fat, I would assume it's possible. But it probably means I need to start focusing on muscle rather than just cardio at the gym.  While I know summer is not always the best time because of heat, I already wear a girdle (don't want to shout the brand name but it's a lot more expensive than Spanx, and works MUCH better, but it's *very* binding) to hold in my loose skin and elevate the pannus to avoid galding and rashes.... I'll be uncomfortable this summer one way or another.  So I have some time, and I've been told to maintain for a full six months anyway before surgery. Has anyone else tried to get the best possible result without muscle repair?  Was there any specific exercise regimen that helped?  Or were there any exercises recommended by a plastic surgeon to strengthen the muscles regardless of if a muscle repair would be done or not?