exercise and running after vaser?

  • Lauren9341
  • minneapolis
  • 3 years ago

im two weeks post surgery and i was told that you can start exercising at this mark. i am a runner and was told that for running i have to wait longer more like 4-6 weeks. any one have experience they can share with me on their post recovery?

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Hi Lauren, How is your recovery and exercise going? i am getting vaser this week on my flanks and lower abs. I'm a big runner and really curious about the recovery and how long it will be until i can run and workout. you said you ran a half a month after the surgery. did you workout at all/run before than? Thanks!
thanks! i ran my half marathon a month after surgery. and have been running steadily 8-10miles ever since along with yoga sculpt. so far so good!
Hi there! I had vaser on my thighs circumfrentially and the back of my hips on April 26th. My physician told me the same about running. She said to listen to my body as far as exercise goes. If I over do it, I'll know it. I started going back to the gym at week 3 and so far I am doing well. I am not using weights for my legs yet. I am going to wait until my 4 week appt. I am doing floor exercises though. And no limits to my upper body and abs. To be honest, I am still a little sore and bruised and I think running would be painful at this stage. Looking forward to it though. Good luck to you. And like my doctor said, if you over do it you will swell and know it!