Exercise question

  • calimom2011
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 years ago

Hello!  I am 3+ weeks out from a TT, BR/BL, and lipo.  Doing well.  Having some wound healing complications (I had a small area of fat necrosis and my PS had to reopen a small portion of my abdominal scar and I am packing it 2x/day) - however, this finally seems to be on the road to recovery.  Feeling much better every day, though sore at times and definitely more tired/exhausted than normal.  Also back at work - sigh...  So, I wondering what you all thought about going to the gym at this point to do very light, low-impact work out (no abs of course).  I am set to meet with a personal trainer tomorrow (I will be 2 days short of 4 weeks post-op) and the trainer knows that I am "rehabbing" from major abdominal surgery.  She is going to work with me on very light workout that avoids any real core work - walking on treadmill, maybe very light elliptical work, etc.  My PS cleared me to increase exercise as tolerated and said I could even work my arms, just no ab work.  I was all excited for this, but now getting nervous that I might hurt myself or have a set back...  Anyone back at the gym?  Thoughts?