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  • calimom2011
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  • 3 years ago

Hello!  I am 3+ weeks out from a TT, BR/BL, and lipo.  Doing well.  Having some wound healing complications (I had a small area of fat necrosis and my PS had to reopen a small portion of my abdominal scar and I am packing it 2x/day) - however, this finally seems to be on the road to recovery.  Feeling much better every day, though sore at times and definitely more tired/exhausted than normal.  Also back at work - sigh...  So, I wondering what you all thought about going to the gym at this point to do very light, low-impact work out (no abs of course).  I am set to meet with a personal trainer tomorrow (I will be 2 days short of 4 weeks post-op) and the trainer knows that I am "rehabbing" from major abdominal surgery.  She is going to work with me on very light workout that avoids any real core work - walking on treadmill, maybe very light elliptical work, etc.  My PS cleared me to increase exercise as tolerated and said I could even work my arms, just no ab work.  I was all excited for this, but now getting nervous that I might hurt myself or have a set back...  Anyone back at the gym?  Thoughts?

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The overhead exercises are bad because your core is engaged doing those exercises as well as the bench exercises. Lying down and getting up repeatedly is like doing a sit up or crunch! Nothing wring with doing them on an incline bench just not a flat bench!
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I was back on the treadmill by 2 weeks PO. My PS said he would rather have me walking each day and swollen then not walking at all. I feel so much better after my morning workouts. It gives me energy all day. I do have to wait for full clearance to start with a trainer though.
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Thanks for your reply! Just curious as to why no overhead exercises or lying down on bench exercises? I did do some of of these the other day with my trainer and felt fine (sore but fine). But now I am nervous.... Any insights would help. Thanks!
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I went back to the gym a little past 3 weeks post op and it felt wonderful!! Just start out slow with low weights, keep to circuit machines with seats that have backs on them to keep your core from being engaged and listen to your body. If it hurts, pulls, etc too much then scale it back. No overhead exercises like lat pulldowns or shoulder presses, and definitely no lying down on bench exercises! I'm 11 weeks post op now and have been working out since week 4 post op and with my trainer since week 6.
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