What excuse (if any!) did you tell your work/co-workers about your Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • Nicole Karlis
  • 1 year ago

Hello BBL sisterhood!

My name is Nicole and I'm the managing editor here at RealSelf. I'm in charge of creating content about all things booty and breasts. I'm working on a blog post about what to tell work/co-workers and would love to hear real stories.

If you could please take the time to help and share your personal story below, that would be great. What excuse (if any) did you tell your boss/co-workers? Did anyone ask you about your absence when you returned?

Looking forward to hearing your stories; thanks!

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I told them the truth heck they have seen how flat my a$$ is. Honesty, i have no shame in my game lol. Some may judge but hey that's their personal problem not mine. MY PERSONAL PROBLEM WAS MY BOOTY & I CAN THANKFULLY AFFORD A NEW ASS AND A NEW WARDROBE & A VICTORIA SECRET SHOP N SPREE SO KOOTOES TO ME!!!! Not to mention most of my fellow haters at work will be WOMAN with flat asses who wish they had a fat ASS & can't afford or are scared to make change to make themselves happy so they do what they do best FLAP THEIR GUMS OH WELL LIFEEEE!!!! Most of the dudes find it fascinating go figure hahaha