Excited and scared..

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Hello All, Im a 32 year old mother of 3 beautiful children 14,6 and 3. I have been wanting a MM since the birth of my oldest. Man, he really did a number on me. I was no longer that petite young girls with the frame of a model. I was left with a granny set of saggy boobs, spare tire around my waist and streach marks that runs for miles. I have three weeks to go until my surgery. Im scheduled for July 8th at 8:30 am. My emotions are mixed. One moment im super excited and the next im in tears because im literally scard to death..I want this more then anything, but at the same time I feel guilty because Im a single mother and I cant bear the thought of somthing going wrong and my kids being left behind without me..(tearing up as I speak). I know we all have similar concerns, please let me know how you delt with these type of feelings.So far this cite has been my rock. Everytime I start thinking negative I read some of your post and find the strength to keep going. I' ll post before pics soon. Please keep me in your prayers.

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Everything you are feeling is totally normal.  You will be happy and excited one minute and freaking out the next.  Yep..been there and done that.

You have to keep telling yourself over and over that you are worth it and do deserve it.  You are going through the normal motherly guilt  that we have all gone through. 

Stay positive, and speak to positive people.  You do not need anyones negativity right now so tune it out. 

You have come to the best site ever for support and information.  You have an entire cheer squad on here and we will all help you through.

Try to focus on the end results and how beautiful you will look.  The calm will hit you as you get closer to your date.  You are doing the right thing so full speed ahead.  You deserve to have the body that will make you happy so just hang in there a while longer.

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Thank you for the support Kimmers25, because I really need it. My mother has been extremely supportive. But I have yet to muster up the courage to tell my dad. I know he's gonna try and talk me out of it, by giving the BIG "How beautiful you are, the way you are" speech..lol. I can only hope and pray that everything turns out just the way I want it to. I try and stay clear of the horror stories and focus on the positive ones. Your right full speed ahead, there is no turning back now. Please keep in touch with me through out my journey because I need all the love and support I can get;o)
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Oh I am here and will keep up with you:) 

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