So excited!! Having my 35 year old implants removed in June....I'm DONE with them & just want to be 'me' again. I'm 66.

  • verana
  • 1 year ago

They were fine for years, no problems at all since 1978,  but years of mammograms probably contributed to both being ruptured now, although you can't tell visually.  Besides, I'm tired of not being able to do yoga correctly, or some exercises.  I'll be small again, but am soooooo looking forward to this.  Found a fabulous surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale, supremely qualified & also reccommended by friends who have used him.   No desire to have implants again, & my husband always wondered why I got them in the first place, although I thought I looked like a boy....(I didn't) he's happy for me.  I always regretted having them, even though I looked great.  I don't wear the same clothes I wore in my 30's & 40's either, & bras are so pretty now, am looking forward to shopping.  Explantation is less than I feared, so it's going on my credit card.