Excited and Scared, BBL in a Few Weeks. Need Encouragement!

  • Cornbread83
  • 1 year ago

Hi All, I have been checking these forums for months and now I finally joined to talk,hear first hand stories and get some support! I am only 5'1 and about 126lbs now. Im not fat by any means but after I had my son (9 years ago) I got lazy and the inner/outer thighs and love handles just keep getting bigger. I have decided to have a BBL since the PS says thats the best way to go. Im having the inner/outer thighs,love handles,upper/lower abs and back lipsuctioned and moved over to my rear end. I already have a pretty large (but sagging)bottom for a Italian/Irish white girl. lol. I know its not a weight loss tool, Im not concerned about weight. I am concerned that everything I wear has to be black and larger at the bottom to cover my huge outer thighs. Any ladies on here who had similar issues with the goal for clothes just to fit better? If I lose a size,great but really I just want a more hourglass shape instead of being a pear! Please tell me your stories ! I would greatly appriciate before and after pics so I get some encouragement! Thanks and I hope all of you are doing great on your surgery and recovery journey!    

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Upload a pic of that new badonkadonk! Hahaha
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hope your healing well :)
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Hi there, Welcome!

Who is it you're going to be having your BBL with?

Have you read through some of the other BBL reviews? You'll pick up lots of great tips and hints from the people that have had it done before you.

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