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  • glm777
  • 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm so glad I found this community! I am 3 days into my 1st of 22 trays and I'm having a few issues. The first and most annoying is the excess saliva - I feel like I (and I know this is gross) I have to constantly suck the saliva out of my aligners! And if I talk more than a few words, I get a spit bubble and spew saliva all over the place. Not to mention the lisping that comes along with the excess saliva! Secondly, the first day I had them on they fit snugly and the edges were pretty flush to my gum. Now, they seem to have pulled away a bit from the gum and my inner lip and cheek will sometimes get caught in them! That hurts!! I keep telling myself that it's ok - this is all still very new and I will get used to it. After all, little kids get braces all the time and they eventually get used to them, right???

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I experienced this as well, but only while sleeping! I would drool all over the place to the point where I woke up with a soaked pillow! It only happened that one time so thankfully, it seems like that's behind me. I did do a bit of research and found out that it was your mouth's reaction to the aligners. It's your mouth's defensive mechanism as if to say "get these foreign objects out." Hopefully it's better for you! I read that it could happen with every aligner. Like I said, only that one time during my first aligner and I'm not about to switch to my 4th.
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I am on day one and that was the fist thing I noticed was the extra saliva not to mention a slight lisp. hopefully it goes away..TBD
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It should get better Anthony, mine did after the first tray. I also think that when they are brand new, it is all we can focus on and every little thing seems HUGE. But I have noticed that as the trays go on, I am able to not focus on them as much and that is a great feeling. Do I LOVE them?- nope! But I am willing to put up with them for the end result. If you like you can follow my blog "And in the beginning there was...tray one (glm777)". I am very honest in my reviews and try to update every week to 10 days. Following other peoples' blogs really helped me know that I am not alone and what I've been experiencing for the most part is normal. Hop on over and foillow my journey! Hang in there!
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I'm glad you started this conversation glm777, it seems you aren't alone in experiencing a lot of spit in the beginning, Tidus54 mentions the same thing!

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