Not Sure What to Get or Even Do This...

  • Jessop
  • 2 years ago

Hello ladies, I am 30 years old, 3 kids and have a 36b breast size, they are relatively perky and ok looking but I am 6 feet tall and 130 pounds so I want something to make me look more proportioned. The thing is I am looking to get the gummy bear implants which it seems no one is getting I read all the reviews and stories and women are still getting the old fashion saline or silicone kind, might I ask why? A friend has gummy bears and they look amazing and real, I love her outcome they dont have that bolt on look or square boob look which I really do not want to end up with. Anyone here have the gummy bear kind??? like it???

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I have reported you again for rude/abusive behavior. Your posts are immature and do nothing but stir up trouble. Sharon and Angie(community managers) will soon advice you this type of immature behavior will not be tolerated. Good riddance troll.
The silicones most/all get fall under the gummy bear category it refers to cohesive gel
A lot do saline because of cost and other factors such as a silicone rupture is hard to find needing an mri to diagnose where as saline u know u have a rupture because they deflate.
Id be very concerned if someone was getting the old non cohesive gel silicone.