Has anyone got Eurosilicone brand of breast implants?

  • Betty Boops
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • 2 years ago

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I had 1000cc Eurosilicone implants for 12 years with no problems at all. I developed a huge seroma (1 litre) recently and have had both removed. I kept them after explantation and they are in perfect condition. The reason for the fluid collection is unknown and cannot be attributed to the devices themselves. I am waiting 6 months and then getting new implants. I am considering Allergan and downsizing to 800cc, but I would ideally like 850cc which they don't make, so I am considering Eurosilicone again for my 4th augmentation as I have a good experience of them.
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I have Eurosilicone implants and am very happy - had them for 2 years now and they are soft and natural looking. Also have a lifetime warranty. Eurosilicone is one of 3 major brands in the world and goes by a different name in the UK. I did research on the brand and have found the 90 % of the reviews are good
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Hi Betty,

Eurosilicone implants aren't FDA approved in the US, but I hope you do find some ladies who've had these so you can get some feedback.

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