Ethnic Rhinoplasty

  • Lilibeth9975
  • 2 years ago

I am an Asian. I am going to have a rhinoplasty and it was suppose to be on this month of June the 11th 2012, but has been cancelled because my doctor have some emergency circumstances. So my Doctor ask me if I can fly to California to get the procedure done. The Doctor in California is an expert in Ethinic Rhinoplasty which is what I am looking for to get the best results. My Doctors office will pay for 2 nights hotel and for my airfare and offer to pay half for my husband which is a good deal but I am still undecided wether I will go or not. Spoke to my doctor yesterday and his going to call me tonight to reshed. my procedure or if his co-doctor which is triple board certified here in Houston will be able to do the procedure. I am hoping he will, beacause its kind of very inconvenient for me to fly back from California next day after surgery.