ENT and Plastic qualified surgeons sought for spreader graft on closed technique

  • whonose101
  • 8 months ago

Looking for above, has anyone got any specific experience of dealings with surgeon and had such operation? I am probably going to avoid the catchment areas where surgeons place themsleves in areas such as Beverely hills LA or Manhattan  New York, they seek very wealthy clients as their fees are astronomical! (as if to say surgery isnt expensive enough!!!)i AM ONLY CONSIDERING CLOSED TECHNIQUE, this is because I do not want a surgeon to interfere with my 'perfect' base nose as this is a risk not worth it, and having to pay for the risk!Surgeons are free to contact me, but I will need to see a good website with a solid portfolio of pictures to show work in particular relating to grafting they have done successfully.All I need doing is a one sided graft for what is known as 'mid dorsum collapse' ie the middle third of that section is very narrow and also have problems breathing in that section. Anyone with an interest in sinus issues also welcome to contact me.

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