Energy level 4 week PO

  • Kat72
  • St. Louis, MO
  • 1 year ago

Hello! I would love to hear how most of you feel 21 day to 28 days post-op. I will return to work 25 days after surgery for three days of light work, but as of January 2nd I will return to a full 8 hours of work. My job is not physically demanding, but it is high stress and I often work 10 hours and return home to hours of running kids around and homework help. Do you think I will still be tired after 4 weeks? Will working alone exhaust me? Thanks! Kat70 - Less than 72 hours to my TT!

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I returned to work at 8 days post op, the first day was hard on my back because I didnt take a pillow for support, I sat for about 7 hrs did not feel tired or any pain except for my back. The next day I took 2 pillows and lots of fruit and I was ok, I even cancelled my PTO for the next day and wanted to work. I am an analyst, I sit all day. It wasnt too bad
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Hi Kat! I started working 4 hrs/day from home at 8 days post op or so and then the next week worked 27 hrs total - part of it from home - and then this past week, 3-4 weeks post op, I worked 50 hrs which was not fun! I had full tummy tuck with MR and lipo, and I am pretty much upright now...mostly by the end of the day I am sore at the incision and swollen in my lower abs and pubic area. I come home to five kids ages 8 to 16 and honestly they have not gotten spoiled as much as usual this month! I have had to be more selfish than usual.
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I was 4 weeks PO yesterday and I feel great!! I don't expect you will have any problems. Don't worry about it. I'm sure it still seems rough now, but you will be great by then. The healing seems to happen fast in 2-4 weeks PO.
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Thank you! I am 11 days po today and get very tired if I do much - but in the last several days I have stopped napping during the day so maybe this is the first step. I start working from home on Monday. Kat
Hi! I'm 26 days PO today. I went back to work on Day 14. I'm an attorney, so I work long hours but no physical labor. I felt fine but did experience more swelling sitting up than I did in a reclining position. Now, my energy level is pretty good. I still get a little sore if I overdo it, but that's more from personal activities than working!
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Thank you! That is very helpful! Good luck!
Hello Kat, I went back to work after 1.5 week off. I am tired when I go home but not overly tired. I am at 1 month now and happy happy happy I did this. You should be fine!
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Thank you!