has anyone ended up with panda eyes after eyeliner tattoo removal.

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  • 2 years ago

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I am about to start an eyeliner removal and have many concerns about the results. Can you share your experience and results so far? What happened with your so called panda eyes? I did a lit of research and consulted different clinics. I have decided to go with a dermatologist who is very experienced on tattoo removal.
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I did not end up doing the removal since I was so concerned. I would appreciate if you can share your experience after you get yours removed.
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Thxs for your response. I am really so unhappy with my eyeline. It hast strong blow up and really not well done. I was happy with my natural look before. Thogh my family convined me to go to the "super great" tattoo artist they had their eyeliner done. But he didnt ever listen to me and started. It was so hirroble experience. I want to forget everythig. I am taking medicine and therapie... I will probably go through it. I cant live like this. Everyday i cover this eyeline (top lid only) with lotd of make up to have a more "natural" look. And to hide the blow up areas. Let me kniw if you have heart about any good or bad experience on the laser removal results. I am afraid of darkeing and being even harder to cover it with make up. Thx for your answer.
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Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I was typing via mobile :-)
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I have the same concern. Can anybody who has done this share some experience. Greatly appreciated.
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By "panda eyes" I'm guessing you mean that the ink has spread out instead of disappeared, is that correct?

Hopefully another community member will be able to jump on and speak to that, but here is some general information on removal of permanent eyeliner:

Laser Tattoo Removal for Eyeliner Tattoo

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eyeliner tattoo removal

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