Emotional roller coaster before cosmetic surgery?

  • AltaWife
  • 7 years ago

before getting plastic surgey, like a tummy tuck, did you go crazy rollercoaster with emotions. i am super sad/scared one day, excited the next. i almost canceled my appointment 3 times! HELP!

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I went through extreme roller coaster emotions on the day before my surgery and on the day of. But my doctor gave me anxiety medicine so that helped me ALOT. I suggest taking a sleepy pill if u don't have anxiety pills and print out the body image you think you'll have after the surgery and keep looking at it. You should be excited(: best of luck!
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I went thru a major swing in emotions before getting breast implants and tt (mommy makeover)....i think it's pretty normal. but if you get cold feet, you may need to listen to your voice that maybe now is not the right time. good luck with your decision.
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While I am not an expert, I can tell you that after my procedure there was an emotional rollercoaster. Some days I was excited others I asked myself was it worth it. Two weeks later I am still on the ride but it’s not as bad. I would suggest talking with your doctor and have him explain exactly what you can expect from your procedure. Find out what the alternative is if you aren’t happy with the results. I can also tell you at times I felt like I cheated. While I workout and have an extremely healthy diet, I felt somehow that I cheated. Anyway, when I looked at the previous doctor’s list of emotions, I couldn’t help but remember felling all of those emotions. Good luck with your procedure.
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