Who else is waiting for insurance approval?

  • Birch
  • 1 year ago

Who else is waiting for insurance approval?  How are you handling the wait? I am so excited to schedule my BR surgery, however I'm waiting on insurance approval.  My PS's office sent in all necessary paperwork last week, so I probably still have a bit of a wait.  I'm thinking positively & trying to wait patiently, and doing research to learn effective ways to make the healing process as easy as possible.  Also planning my next conversation with my PS to make sure we are on the same page as far as desired final size.  My PS is recommending removing at least 750 grams from each breast which he said would bring me to a "C-".  I am hoping for a large B or small C after the healing process is done. Who else has just started this process and is waiting for insurance approval so you can move forward with a surgery date?