Anyone Else Told They Would Have Excessive Extra Skin?

  • donkeyBOOTYmisses
  • norcross, ga
  • 1 year ago

i called in to dr j's office yesterday because i had some questions & was told that i will definitely have extra skin. my lower abdomen is big & i've had 2 c-sections. it will be an extra 4 grand to get the extra skin removed & i just don't think i'll have it, even if i do i don't wanna spend $15,000 0n surgery. i have 2 children & am going trhough a divorce, i feel like it's a bit irresponsible. i could really use some support. i think i'm willing to deal with the extra skin & go in later to have it removed, but i was told htat if i come in at a diffeen ime, it'll be more because i'll have to pay for the anestesia & surgery center & all that stuff again, plus,  the prices go up in a month. i also considered not gettin my butt :-( which would be very disappointing, but that way i can get the lipo, get the extra skin removed & later on down the line get the butt when i can afford it. i'm so torn. i would love to hear from anyone who has had to chose between the two or has had experience with extra skin, pics would be great! thanks for the suppor realself. hope to get tons of feedback!