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Does anyone else know that The Wall Street Journal calls Smartlipo Propaganda?

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In March of 2008, is an article published in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, the editor of The JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY stated that "Smartlipo is a marketing GIMMICK to get us all in the door. ." Nothing that is told to us by the people providing the surgery is accurate...if it were, we'd all run for our lives. He didn't numb me in the least for the entire 3 & 1/2 hour procedure. I researched him and found he is NOT a plastic surgeon, or a surgeon at all. he has a certificate only in internal medicine most likely earned from working with a gynecologist. Smartlipo is also not regulated or FDA approved. If I knew then what I know now...I would have never had the procedure done.I would have saved myself the on going pain and suffering as well as the deformed tummy AND the $5000.00 I paid for trusting an unqualified person to touch me in any way.

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I so sorry to hear about your condition. I too had an appointment with DR Assasa and I cancelled it after researching him. In the end I went with Dr Rollins and I am happy I chose him. It was my first cosmetic surgery and he made it a very pleasant experience. Im only 1 wk post surgery and I only have slight muscle soreness. I noticed you are extremely bruised. I only had a very minute amount of bruising that has since subsided. I was given pain killers (vicodin) and antibiotics but I only took one of the pain killer the night of the surgery before I went to bed.
Thank you. I hope you have started improving. Don't let him and his bad practice discourage you. If you need it revised you should contact Elite Body sculpture in Beverly hills, Dr Rollins. He is awesome. I just went for my one week checkup and he said, I am healing very well.
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Are you doing better? My numbing didn't feel like it worked either...I have an extreme high tolerance for novacaine and he was using lidocaine. I asked if that would matter and he pretty much dismised me. I was also was writhing in pain while the doc and his assistant carried on a personal conversation as if i wasnt even in the room! I thought SL was an FDA approved procedure. I also went to a doc board certified in internal med, but not plastic surgery. Mistake. Please anyone reading this...make sure your doc is a board certified PLASTIC surgeon. With today's technology, there is no reason we should have been in pain. When I asked at my first follow up what happened...he was very casual saying 'everyone's different, some women areso relaxed they fall asleep'. Given I am still under his care I hesitate to rock the boat too much...but after reading all these posts I've yet to come across one person who was so comfortable they fell asleep?!
Mbriget, that's a good point. Another thing I looked at is how long they have been performing the procedure. I had a consultation where the doctor has been practicing for 18 yrs ...not a plastic surgeon ...i think derma something, and he has extensive experience doing regular lipo but was just about to start using smart lipo. I crossed him off my list because I didn't want to be one of his guinea
Reply's not that Dr. A didn't numb me, (I plan to have the fat I asked for from my surgery that is now in my freezer analyzed to see what is in it) it is that the numbing didn't work, and he did not give me a numbing injection before he started puncturing my skin. It was as if Boris and Natasha from The Bullwinkle Cartoon show were doing surgery on me...complete with speaking in their Mother Country language while I was awake and in extreme pain. No pain medication was provided to me. Eight days after surgery I was in so much pain I emailed Dr. A at 4:13 AM unable to sleep and begged him to call in a prescription to my pharmacy...he emailed back that I should take Advil. I called him a few hours later to remind him of my medical history of a bleeding ulcer and that as he knows I could not take advil or any anti-inflammatory. he finally agreed to call in the promised vicodin. When my husband went to pick it up, we learned that he had not called in vicodin, he had called in a vicoprophin..(ibuprophin).an ANTI INFLAMMATORY. Shhheeeesssshhhh.