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Does anyone else suffer from long term swelling due to Sculptra injections?

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  • 8 months ago

Does anyone experience swelling from Sculptra injections?  I had two vials 17 months ago and although the volume is coming down ever so slowly, my face is constantly swelling and going down.  I never know when it will flare. Good one hour, swollen the next.  This junk has left my face so uneven, I don't know if it is the growth or the swelling that makes my face look so uneven.  Sculptra is a nightmare.

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Yes. I have the same problem. Less now at 5a years but the i also feel my worn down because my immune system has been so messed up by this disease i call sculptra consumption.
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It is so devastating to the people that are harmed. The lucky ones who are happy with their results, who are without complications have no clue. They think we are over reacting.
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