Anyone else have a problem with fluid/swelling after breast implant removal? Help please.

  • OceanLab86
  • Cali
  • 1 year ago

Hey girls, so I just had my breast implants removed on Jan 17 2013. By the next day my PS had to drain 120cc of fluid from my right breast. He said to keep the ace bandage tightly wrapped, but this morning I woke up with more fluid again. My capsules have been removed, and I wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem? Also I have swelling above my chest area and beneath my neck, it hurts to touch kind of like a bruise. Has anyone experienced this after breast implant removal? If anyone has had these experiences, can you let me know how they got resolved? How long did fluid continue to build up after being drained? Did your body ever just absorb it?   Thanks!