Has anyone else gotten funny looks when they dropped off their prescriptions?

  • freefallwife
  • Crestview, Florida
  • 2 years ago

I went to drop off my prescriptions for surgery, and the lady looked at me like I was crazy.  I totally think she thought it was fake. It took almost 10 minutes for her to scan over and check every one to make sure everything was in order.  Crazy !!!!

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The teller at the bank said the same thing. When I went to withdraw such a large amount, and asked her for a cashiers check, she asked who it was for, so she could put it on the check. After a few minutes she looked around and said, so are they good? HAHA It was a nice to hear her say, she had heard REALLY a good things about them.
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I had the Pharmacy tech ask me what I was having done... with a line of people behind me! Never had that, I just said, "excuse me?" She asked again and I turned it around and asked her, "Why are you asking? It's none of your business." Turned out she was thinking of having a TT done and was being wishy-washy about the decision
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They act that way because the meds we were prescribed are very habit forming. These are the most stolen prescriptions. I just ignore them and play the wait game.
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Yes crazy!!!  Tune it out because the only thing that matters is what you think:)

I call that clerk a "Busy Body"..LOL

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