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Anyone else feeling this way?? Please?

  • Kiddo28
  • 5 months ago

I am just 21 years old. No children. But about 2 years ago I had the gastric sleeve surgery. It was the best thing to have EVER happened. My doctor was impressed with my weight loss and decided I would be a great candidate for the TT. It's now almost a week after surgery and I'm starting to lose my shit. Last night I fainted after putting cream on my belly button. I'm afraid that I can't feel. And today I totally broke down. I screamed for over an hour and attacked my walls and doors, and I even emotionally attacked myself. My mom has had the surgery before and has been somewhat helpful. But she really doesn't understand how I'm feeling right now. I feel alone, trapt, and honestly I'm scared. I hate to say that regret has jumped in and out of my mind. My parents say I'm freaking out and out of my skin because of the anesthetic (I was under for about 6hrs). But that doesn't help calm my mind. I'm a person feeling like a monster. Anyone else feeling/felt this way or freaked out about your tummy being completely numb?