Has Anyone Else had a BL with A cups and not had implants?

  • flutterbeat
  • 2 years ago

I have a few consultations scheduled over the next couple of months to get a TT and BL. I'm about a "B" cup with all the skin but really, I'd still say I fit better in A cup bras (always get the pushy bra salespeople who don't stock A cups trying to push super tight banded B cups on me and it never works out...)    I definitely don't want implants and I really like having small boobs because they go well with my build/personality etc. But I'm having a really hard time finding before and afters of anyone who's had a lift WITHOUT getting implants and ended up an A or small B cup. :\  I'm trying to find some reference material to show the doc, but I'm drawing mostly blanks. The closest I've come is pics of people BEFORE getting implants (I find it ironic that they're striving to change a body aspect I'm striving to acheive! lol) or pics of people after implant removal with a lift. Still, most of those photos show women with more breast tissue than I expect I'll have.   Has anyone had an A cup lift without implants or can you refer me to somewhere that I can find some reference pictures?   Thank you!