Elixis for knee sags

  • fitlady
  • 11 months ago

Do you have any before and after pix of Elixis performed on saggy knees?

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Please show before and after pictures with similar knee sagging. Thanks.

Hi there, welcome!

I've had a search of the site and we only seem to have one review for Exilis, which includes the knees. I'm afraid there are no photos, but it may be useful to you as a review.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your assistance. I've been told by two PS post surgery that there really is nothing that can be done in this area as far is smoothing out the folds. First there is no place to anchor stitches; the constant bending in this area will inhibit proper scar healing and there will be a visible ugly scar that may look worse than the fold if a knee lift were done, that is according to two cosmetic surgeons I saw and they consider themselves the best in the area. So, since there is no solution at this time to fix the saggy knees due to the liposuction, I decided to tell my story. Don't mess with mother nature is my mantra now.
Look at my photos... it ruined my legs and was supposed to tighten the skin right above me knee. It burns fat so be extremely careful.