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Electrolysis and weight loss?

  • angelblue357
  • Los Angeles CA
  • 4 years ago

there is a company claiming that through electrically charged water ions a person can detoxify. in fact they have dedicated several sites to this, is it legal and is it safe?

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Electrolysis is safe, permanent hair removal - can reveal the full extent of your natural beauty. You will love the smooth, healthy look you can achieve with electrology. It’s a safe way to loose weight.
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Electrolysis as I know it is only used to remove unwanted hair from the body. There are certain procedures that remove fat, like Liposuction, however, these are not weight loss methods.

Personally, I find the best way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise levels. This will allow you to lose weight at a safe rate and it will be more likely to stay off, long-term.

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