How effective is Tetracycline for acne treatment?

  • Stalina Dsouza
  • Toronto
  • 1 year ago

I was wondering if the antibiotic Tetracycline would be a safe bet for acne treatment/prevention. I realize that medicines can have varying effects on different people but in generel is this druf effective? Also I have read that this drug can cause yellowing of teeth Is this true? I heard that it only occurs if teeth are not fully developed, I am 20 and have already had braces(so im guessing my teeth are fully developed).

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Generic Tetracycline is indicated to treat a wide variety of infections and some skin problems like acne. This medicine works by stopping the growth of bacteria. Some indications of Tetracycline Generic are listed below: Chronic Bronchitis, Acute Exacerbation, Acne, Ehrlichiosis, Vibrio Cholera, Malaria. Other than the above, Tetracycline is also used as combination with other anti-ulcer medications to manage certain types of stomach ulcers. This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for viral infections (e.g., common cold, flu). Many online pharmacy are selling Tetracycline Generic at a very reasonable price. You can easily order this antibiotic from our user friendly interactive website. We are offering this medicine in different strengths and packing. You can choose according to your requirement. Overdose can cause serious health problems. If overdosed, just contact your doctor right away otherwise it may cause a serious problem for you. Do not give this medication to any other person without getting doctor approval. You should not initiate, boost, decrease, or stop using this drug without asking the doctor. Talk about your total medicinal condition with your doctor, before taking the medicine. You have to use this medicine on the recommendation of your doctor. Talk to your doctor about the dosage and side effects.