Going from a EEE to a C, will that be too small

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  • 3 years ago

Hi, I am a size 38 EEE and I am scheduled for my surgery in one week,I am getting so nervous about it. I am thinking of backing out because I am 46 yrs old I am 5'4 at 180 pounds and I am very curvy. I have big shoulders and wide hips. I do have extreme pain in my neck,mid back and shoulders and even headaches. The surgeon said he MUST take at least 500 grams for the insurance to cover the procedure. But he is taking out 600 grams. He can't promise me what size I want to be. I want to have a D cup, I think for my body that would look the best. I just don't want to wake up from surgery and go into shock from being too small. Could anyone give me some advice. Thanks

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I tried on a bra today and I am a D according to that bra. I am still nervous to put on bras because I dont want to harm any of the work my doctor did.

I am soo happy with my results although my tummy looks bigger now. I would never change what I did in a million years.
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I am glad that you are happy with your results!   I know you must feel totally amazing with the extra weight off your neck and shoulders. 
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Well right now I am 3 weeks post op and I am wearing a 38 D. I am still swollen and I am thinking that when all this goes down I will probably wear a 38 C I feel better, neck pain is gone. But for my body I think I look too small. Maybe I will have to buy a padded bra to look bigger. Are you happy with your results?
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Hmm I was just an E and my doctor took off 700 grams and I look like a C.
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Well I did it!! I had my surgery 3 days ago. It went well, I am in some pain but in a few days I am sure I will be better. The doctor took off 1 1/2 pounds off each breast. He said that it was 600 grams. I was a 38 EEE (ouch) and now I am in a 38 DD he said when the swelling goes down I will probably be a 38 C or D (depending on the bra)
It is amazing how I already feel the difference in my neck and shoulders. I still wish he only took 450 or 500 grams but he said my insurance would not cover unless he took off 600. I feel that I look too small, hopefully in time I will adjust to them. My husband LOVES them. He likes smaller boobs. And more importantly I feel better. Cant believe I waited 30 yrs to do this. Cant wait to go shopping!!!!!
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Hurray Barbie!

I am glad you are through this and feeling good.   You are going to absolutely love the perky boobs. 

The shape will take place as you heal and you will be happy.  Just wait until you can do some shopping.  It is amazing how things fit so well and really look good.  Not having all of that extra flesh in front of you will make you look years younger as well. 

Wear that surgical bra for a long time!  It helps in the shaping and healing process.  I know you are excited to shop for bras but hold off for a few weeks. 

Congratulations and keep me up to date on how you are doing.
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Hi Barbie,

I definitely am not a doctor, but for me, my doctor removed 275cc from my left and 300cc from my right.

I was a 32DD and am now a 32B from what I can tell, I went down three cup sizes and didn't get much taken out. The reason why is because my breasts were so dense. I had very thick breast tissue so it was easy for me to get down to that size.

Like Kimmers said I would talk to your doctor about what is realistic and what you want. Your doctor needs to understand what you want and what you're comfortable with. Good luck with your surgery and I hope that everything goes smoothly!
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Hi Barbie,

I can't imagine that 500 or even 600 grams would take you from a EEE to a C. I was a DDD and went to a full C but it was not until I dropped the 70 pounds that I actually went to the B cup.
I would really talk to your doctor and tell him to only take the amount required in order to have the insurance cover it and not any more.

They are never able to guarantee what your final size will be but I would think even a very full C would look good on you. I had the same fears before my reduction. Will I end up too big or too small. What I can tell you is this....it it the best thing I ever did for myself and I am extremely happy with my results. I no longer have neck, back or shoulder pain. Plus the headaches are gone. And the real bonus is that they are no longer hanging to my waist and uneven. Nipples also both face forward and not at the floor.

Try to relax and not get upset. Really communicate with your doctor. Hope this helps.
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