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Edible oils for skin care?

  • rooted
  • 2 years ago

Hello,   Im a big fanatic of everything that can help me keep my glow and my skin tone. I eat seabuckthorn fruit oil in with my salads, apply generous amounts of rosehip seed oil, Argan oil and a few other oils to my face everyday, especially during winter!!! My question is, my friend brought some Edible Argan to my table last week, and we had some with our salad, it was delicious and very nutty, but it is kinda of expensive, I think my friend said it was the most expensive edible oil!! So I wanted to know if anyone knows about Edible Argan being good for the skin? I mean I apply it to my face and hair and nails, what about internally eating it? Doing a simple search about it gets me alot of information, with several companies selling it in bottles, and one company selling it in softgel format. Anyone know the benefits of eating Edible Argan oil?   Thank you!!!