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Eating those 2 weeks right after Smart Lipo

  • Red Bank4655
  • Red Bank, NJ
  • 3 years ago

Hi, just wondering for all us fitness fanatics that love working out and eat right all the time -except for an occasional hard=earned piece of cheesecake here & there. What did you eat for those 2 weeks that you couldn't work out? did anyone do anything special? or cut way back on their intake while waiting to be able to go back to the gym? (God, I can't wait to get back to spin class, kickboxing and my weights!). I thought I might try the master cleanse -but that didn't last even 1 hour - couldn't get through 1 glass of that awful concoction. Any tips or advice that you did that worked in not putting on any additional pounds, would greatly be appreciated.

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Breakfast: 1 C Bran cereal with 2% milk, 6oz. coffee, 8 oz. OJ, and 24 oz. of water

Lunch: Half ham sandwich- (2 slices Oscar Meyer lunch meat, 1/2 tsp mustard, on ONE slice of Oat nut bread), 1/2 can of Progresso italian wedding soup (120 cal), 1 med size apple, 1 bottle of water.

Snack: pita chips (130 cal) w/ salsa

Dinner: Fresh salmon steak on top of 1/2 bag of "spring mix" salad. 16 oz. water,

Late snack: 6 oz ginger ale & med sz apple.

That's how I plan to continue over the next 2 weeks. Salads, soups, fresh baked or Foreman grilled fish. Week one was pretty easy, and there are lots of apples in this house! They are pretty filling.

If I find myself in a need for sweets frenzy, I eat a rice krispy treat (box). One is 90 cal, 17 carbs... but 20 fat cal - lol. We gotta indulge somewhere, right?!