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Why am I eating so much after my tummy tuck??? HELP!!

  • Pam47
  • 2 years ago

OK I need some help....I am 5 weeks post op from having an extended tummy tuck.  I am starting to feel alot better and I love my results.  Problem is...why am I always hungry and eating??  I can't stop and I know I am going to mess something up and I know I didnt go through all that pain for nothing.  Any advice...and I know the answer should be STOP EATING...but I do have emotional eating but it's really getting out of hand.  Anyone else go through this?  I have heard alot say they had no appetite..mine was full blown from day 1.  HELP!    THANK YOUwhywhy

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hey there. I wasn't very hungry right after surgery, and after about 1 week PO, my appetite came back with a vengeance!! I too have had some bad moments, but I'm trying to focus on eating something healthy when I'm hungry. I've had 2 breakfasts this morning, but both were very protein heavy and I hope will allow me to eat lightly for lunch and dinner. I also think I need to include some snacks between meals, b/c getting too hungry has sent me to the drive through. I'm guessing our bodies need calories to repair the cell walls, etc., but we just have to focus on giving it good calories--protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies. I'm sure you'll adjust to the right diet, and like you, I just keep telling myself that I don't want to ruin this new flat tummy!
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