• turbo111222333
  • 3 years ago

All of you who have had your TT done. Does everyone eat just like they did before surgery or do you eat less now? I've read that some eat less due to muscle repair making them feel full faster. Is this true?

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My appetite is very light, however, I drink lemon lime seltze water like its going out of style. My PS said I will not desire to stuff myself and I'm so glad, because I love food. I lost 10 pounds ( I'm sure most of it is water) po surgery, and the swelling is starting to go down. I was give permission to do lite excerise, today I went on the tread mill for 40 minutes.
True for me too - the first few weeks I wasn't interested in eating at all and I did get full with only a few bites. My problem was trying not to loose too much weight. I'm back to my "normal" now.
I also did not eat much at all the first few weeks. But once I started back to normal activity and exercising again, my appetite came back. However, I'm 2 months post tt now, and I still don't eat quite as much as I use to, which is good for me. My doctor told me that would happen since your stomach is now held in tighter from your abs, that it doesn't expand as much so you won't overeat. And I think he was right. I'd say I have a normal appetite now where before I ate way too much. And I can't agree more with Kimmers that you should eat healthy and try to maintain a stable weight.

For the first 2-3 weeks after surgery I was not able to eat much at all.  I ate about a half cup of food at a time because I filled up so quickly.  All part of the process.  Try to eat healthy food which contains good lean protein.  You will need this for proper healing.

That eases up in time and all will get back to normal.  But I must say that after the tummy tuck you should eat healthy and try to maintain a stable weight in order to keep your good results.