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how easy is it to hide that you received smart lipo?

  • Lauren9341
  • minneapolis
  • 3 years ago

I know my family with bombard me with how its a waste of money- anyway to easily hide it?

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I LOVE what I had done! I had smartlipo may 23 for my upper/lower abs and flanks. Lost 2 inches so far. LOVE IT!! Doc got out 4lbs of fat! Not including what will be naturally expelled from my body. I won't complain about the garment.... although the procedure was really easy (and boy was I drugged!), it still takes it out of you for a good week. I am not bruised anymore. I still have tenderness and numbness on both sides. But man, two days after for my follow up, I was blown away! I would do it again. I will work hard on keeping this new waist of mine. I live in Huntsville, Al and my doc was Dr Lappert.
A funny story about the leaking fluids - my husband was putting on the pads the wrong way. lol! I was wondering why I was leaking so much! He is so funny.
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So far my experience has been insanely easy and for only being 2 days out I already like what I see. Not gonna lie it is weird being awake for it, but I would say from my research this is WAY easier than traditional!! The laser targets the fat and there is very little bleeding. I am not bruised at all. I only took 1 pain pill right after and nothing since and I have a baby that I am with 24-7 to care for! I have been lifting him with minimal discomfort. I posted my review...and will keep it updated. Not sure if it is up yet. Maybe search for it by screen name?
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Great thank you! :)
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Heck I am almost three weeks and my husband doesn't even know!
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Just had it one but my husband knows. I only had 1 area. I think the less you have done the more you will be able to function normally. :)
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You did?!? Can you tell me a but more about your experience? I'm debating btwn traditional and smart. Smart has a higher percentage or approvals on this site and some of the horror msgs bout traditional sound terrible...
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