Is it easier to gain weight after tummy tuck

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  • 2 years ago

Hi, During  my research on tummy tucks and lipo it seems people tend to put the weight back on after lipo and weight loss becomes more difficult. Are tummy tuckers having the same issues?

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From what I understand (and I may be wrong)fat cells have a seven year life span. After a tummy tuck and lipo if you gain weight the fat cells are enlarged (and or regenerated depending on whose research you read.) The question then becomes where will your weight gain show up? In my breast, my shoulders, arms wrist, face, neck???
As Kimmers25 has stated the tuck is not the goal but just the beginning of a lifestyle change.
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For some reason I thought that once they removed the fat cells from my belly and flanks that new fat cells could not generate? Is it that they don't come back in the same place? A little fat on the face might smooth out a few wrinkles!
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Thank you. I wear the body bug as well. Right now I'm working hard to shed a few pounds first. Then after my weight is stable ,GOD willing, I plan to trade in this old vertical c section scar for one that is not so disfiguring.
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I can tell you that after you have the tummy tuck and are all's not over.  You need to remain extremely strict on the diet and exercise program in order to maintain the new body.  

It's not easy and something you need to be totally aware of on a daily basis.  I count every calorie I put in my mouth and also make sure that I burn every one I eat and then some.

I wear a Body Bug on my arm about 16 hours a day.  It's kinda fun to see the kind of output you have in calories.  


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I can't imagine if you eat right an exercise that you'd have a hard time losing or maintaining weight. It's those that don't exercise and don't eat right that gain the weight back...
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Hi ladies,
In researching a tummy tuck with a little lipo for myself I came across a study with results that indicated the fat comes back. (via NY Times)

Also while reading the forums on the real self boards there are numerous comments about fat cells being redeposited/enlarged in untreated such as the face/back/ arms etc.

When I posted this question to the physicians their answers were not consistent and appeared to be anecdotal.

So ladies I'd like to know did you gain weight after the procedure (after healing) and is it harder to loose weight after having a tummy tuck?
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